Wrecking & Pry Bars

Breaking through walls, floorboards, and other obstacles is easy when you know how to use the right tool for the job! At Total Tools, we have stock a huge range of wrecking and pry bars. You can choose from different designs and sizes manufactured by Stanley, Mumme, Mastercraft, TTI, Cyclone, WoLF, and more. Our friendly team will help you find the right tools for your home or business so you can get on with making it exactly how you want!

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What is a wrecking or pry bar?

A wrecking bar is a versatile tool used for tearing down and dismantling structures. This heavy-duty hand tool has a curved claw end and a flat bent side, which work together to pull nails and other objects from whatever you are working on. You can also use the curved end on flat pieces of metal for prying or levering them open. The wrecking bar is also commonly known as a pry bar or crowbar, depending on its function. They come in various sizes and widths so you can choose which one works best with your project.

How to use a wrecking or pry bar?

There are many different uses for wrecking bars, depending on what you will be working on and how much weight you plan to handle. It is a useful tool to help remove nails and other fasteners, in addition to being versatile enough to be used on or around objects. With several digging-related tasks, including digging up garden beds and planting new plants, you will find it to be very beneficial in your garden maintenance and landscaping efforts as well.