Our range of heavy-duty, multi-purpose scrapers is ideal for use on hard surfaces such as concrete, stone, flat tile floors, or any other surfaces that need a coarse or medium finish. Browse our full selection below and choose from these top-selling brands like Bahco, Ox, WoLF, Detroit, Tajima, Stanley, and more.

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What is a scraper used for?

A scraper is a hand tool used for removing material from a surface. It consists of a blade with a sharp edge that is held at a fixed angle to the handle. The blade is typically made of high-carbon steel and is beveled on one or both sides to allow it to cut effectively. Scraper tools are used in a variety of applications, including woodworking, metalworking, and automotive repair.

Scrapers are also often used to remove paint, rust, or other surface materials from metal or wood surfaces. They can also be used to smooth and finish surfaces, or to create decorative patterns on wood or metal. Scrapers are typically used on flat or slightly curved surfaces and are not well-suited for working on highly irregular or curved surfaces.

How do you use a scraper?

  1. Hold the handle in one hand and use the scraper blade to scrape away material from the surface you are working on.
  2. You can use a pushing or pulling motion, depending on the shape of the blade and the type of material you are removing.
  3. Some scrapers are designed to be used with a back-and-forth motion, while others are meant to be pushed straight forward.
  4. You can adjust the blade angle to suit the shape of the surface you are working on and the type of material you are removing.

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Most models (plastic scrapers, paint scrapers, floor scrapers, and metal scrapers) offer a lightweight design and provide the user with a comfortable alternative to traditional flooring tools with a higher level of versatility. Others even feature spring steel and replaceable scraper blades perfect for removing wallpapers or painting walls when using paints of different thicknesses. With a variety of high-quality materials and styles, our hand tools make it easy to clean smooth surfaces with ease.

We also carry a complete line of concreting and bricklaying tools, measuring tools, gardening tools, and many more. Order online and get them shipped to you or use our Click & Collect service to pick them up from one of our 100+ stores around Australia!