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At Total Tools, we have been providing high-quality hand tools for over 30 years! Our extensive range of hand planes consist of a wide variety of bench planes, chisel planes, and hedge trimmers from manufacturers such as Stanley, Medalist, Groz, Spear & Jackson, Carbatec, and many others.

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From precision joinery and fine trimming to wider cutting and resawing jobs, our selection of planes is designed for the most demanding tasks. The 220g adjustable block plane and chisel plane cutter can be finished in seconds, thanks to their curved profiles, while the surform block plane has a crisp edge for quickly marking out complex joints. With simple mechanisms that make even coarse work easy, our planes are ideal for all manners of craftsmen and trades – from experienced joiners through to beginners, or anyone who just wants to take their hobby further.

Shop for your new bench or chisel planes today! You may also check out our massive range of chisels and sets, pliers, and other hand tools. Order online and get them shipped to you or use our Click & Collect service to pick them up from one of our stores around Australia.