Rivet Guns & Sets

Rivet guns are your best option for installing insulation, drywall, and plasterboard, or you can use them for installing metal siding. At Total Tools, we have riveters and sets that come in various sizes and configurations from top brands such as Kincrome, WoLF, Stanley, TTI, and more.

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Our range of rivet guns and sets are built to last and perform well in a wide range of applications. These tools are dedicated to heavy-duty, long-lasting construction. They’re contractor grade and provide the safest and most efficient rivet gun solution. From the twin handle nut to the pop ratchet tool for rivet nuts and long arm rivet guns, we have a product that fits your needs. We even have 65pc/85pc long arm rivet guns, and lobster and pop rivet guns which can take on your toughest jobs.

You may also check out our full selection of cordless riveters and other hand tools. Order online or use our Click & Collect service from one of our many stores located across Australia.