WoLF is one of the exclusive brands sold by Total Tools - it takes pride in our strict adherence to product quality and proves the point with a Lifetime guarantee on the majority of our product range. Our unwavering promise to give professional tradesmen the highest quality tools available has been a hallmark of this brand since its inception.

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WoLF puts all its resources into designing and manufacturing a range of top-quality garden tools, hand tools, plumbing tools, and even tool bags and leather tool belts . You can see this commitment to quality in every tool that comes off the assembly line. All our products feature high-quality materials like steel, aluminum, and meticulous German engineering. WoLF also helps you save time and offers the perfect range of expert-level measuring tools, including WoLF distance knives, distance angle measurers, spirit level boxes, and more.

Whilst relatively new to the Australian market, WoLF tools brings years of technical knowledge and multi-star industry experience to our products and helps professional tradesmen work at their very best. Efficiency, durability, performance, and high quality – these are what WoLF stands for and what the best tradesmen expect from their work tools.