Introducing Total Tools, the leading online store in Australia for EGO tools. Experience the state-of-the-art performance and power of EGO power tools, which are well-known for their excellent durability and inventive battery technology. For all your outdoor and professional project needs, our wide selection of EGO tools includes lawn mowers, blowers, chainsaws, and multi-tools. Get EGO tools from Total Tools and discover their unparalleled quality and effectiveness by shopping today.


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EGO Tools: Built to Last, Powered for Performance

Offering cutting-edge power tool technology leaders EGO Tools, we at Total Tools are happy to serve our customers. For both professional tradesmen and do-it-yourself enthusiasts, EGO power tools are made to last and operate exceptionally well. Whether you're taking on a large construction project or gardening maintenance, EGO tools offer the strength and dependability you need to finish the task correctly. Discover the difference between exceptional engineering and cutting-edge technology by perusing the whole line of EGO goods at Total Tools.

Shop Different Types of EGO Products in Australia!

For all EGO tools in Australia, Total Tools is your one-stop store. Our extensive inventory of EGO power tools guarantees that you will have access to the newest and most effective tools available. Among our selections are:

  • EGO Promo Packs: With EGO Promo Packs, you may acquire several high-performing EGO tools grouped together at a discounted price for amazing value. Ideal for anyone wishing to add high-end, battery-operated tools to their arsenal.
  • EGO Lifestyle Products: EGO Lifestyle Products are made to go well with your EGO tools and will help you have a better outdoor experience. These goods enhance the comfort and convenience of your outdoor activities, ranging from elegant outdoor apparel to portable power stations.
  • EGO Batteries: With EGO Batteries' cutting-edge ARC Lithium technology, you can power your tools. With constant power and performance, these long-lasting, quickly-charging batteries guarantee that your EGO tools are always prepared for use.
  • EGO Blowers: EGO Blowers are a great way to keep your outside environment clean. They work fast and powerfully to remove leaves and debris. Plus, they are cordless. They provide unparalleled yard management efficiency and are lightweight and simple to operate.
  • EGO Chargers: With EGO Chargers, you can make sure your EGO tools are always ready. These chargers, which are made for quick charging, extend battery life and reduce downtime so you can continue working uninterrupted.
  • EGO Chainsaws: EGO chainsaws provide the strength and accuracy needed for all your woodworking needs, whether you're cutting or pruning.
  • EGO Commercial: Professional landscapers and contractors have certain needs in mind while designing EGO Commercial products. With their exceptional durability and gas-like power, these tools can easily tackle even the most difficult tasks.
  • EGO Edgers: With EGO Edgers, you can get flawlessly manicured edges. These edgers give accurate, clean cuts along walks, flower beds, and driveways, which are necessary for a well-kept, polished lawn.
  • EGO Hedge Trimmers: EGO hedge trimmers, which are made for easy, comfortable use, will help you maintain neatly trimmed hedges.
  • EGO Lawn Mowers: Choose from a variety of battery-powered lawn mowers from EGO to enjoy strong, cordless lawn mowing. These mowers, which are efficient and easy to use, consistently provide a neat, accurate cut.
  • EGO Line Trimmers: EGO line trimmers are ideal for maintaining your garden's edges neat and orderly since they provide the strength and adaptability required for an impeccable finish.
  • EGO Multi-Tools: Increase adaptability by using EGO Multi-Tools. With the various attachments that these versatile tools come with, you can use a single, powerful base unit to accomplish a multitude of jobs.
  • EGO Outdoor Power Equipment Parts & Accessories: EGO Outdoor Power Equipment Parts & Accessories help you keep your EGO tools operating at their best. Get everything you need to improve and maintain your equipment, including extra batteries and blade replacements.
  • EGO Ride-On Mowers: With EGO Ride-On Mowers, enjoy the highest level of convenience in lawn care. These mowers combine strong performance and easy handling to make large-scale mowing jobs simple and quick.

The Essential Tips: Choosing the Right EGO Tools for You

The effectiveness and success of your projects can be greatly increased by carefully choosing the appropriate EGO tools. The following crucial advice will assist you in selecting the appropriate EGO power tools:

  1. Analyze your needs: Identify the precise tasks for which you require the tools. EGO provides specific instruments for every task, whether it be heavy-duty construction, gardening, or lawn maintenance.
  2. Think about the power source: EGO is well-known for its robust battery-powered tools. Make sure the tools you select have the power output and battery capacity needed for the tasks at hand.
  3. Verify compatibility: To optimize convenience and financial savings, if you currently own EGO tools, make sure the new tools you purchase are compatible with the batteries and chargers you currently have.
  4. Read user reviews and ratings: To learn more about the dependability and efficacy of the tools you are considering, look for user reviews and ratings.
  5. Consult with experts: For individualized advice based on your requirements and interests, visit Total Tools and talk with our friendly experts.

You can choose EGO tools with confidence that will work flawlessly for your projects by paying attention to these pointers.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

What is EGO technology?

EGO power tools are equipped with advanced battery-operated devices known as EGO technology. High-efficiency brushless motors and cutting-edge ARC Lithium battery technology give these tools exceptional performance, prolonged run periods, and long-lasting power. The goal of EGO's creative design is to provide gas-like power without the typical gasoline-powered tool's hassle, noise, or fumes.

Who makes EGO brand tools?

Chervon, a pioneer in power tools and outdoor power equipment worldwide, produces tools under the EGO brand. Chervon, which was established in 1993, is renowned for its dedication to performance, quality, and innovation. EGO tools are made to the highest specifications, guaranteeing that they will perform exceptionally well for both experts and home users.

Take advantage of our EGO offer and browse our extensive selection of EGO tools at Total Tools to outfit yourself with the greatest power tools available in Australia.