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Total Tools offers a large range of measuring and testing tools online and in-store. Getting the right measuring device will help you expedite your work and achieve faultless results.

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What are test and measurement tools used for?

Test and measurement tools are used by professionals and DIYers to make precise measurements in jobsites, construction projects, and households. Because of the growing need for more precision and higher definition measurement, these instruments are continually evolving to suit industrial and technological improvements.

Which brand and type of test and measurement tools should you get?

Browse through our huge line of test & measurement tools from the best and most trusted brands today including Fluke, Bosch, Dewalt, Stanley, Topcon, Leica, Datum, and more. Achieve accurate results and grab our latest deals on accessoriesangle measurers, digital spirit levels, and more.

What other range of test and measurement tools do we offer?

We also offer a vast selection of detectors like ground scanners, stud finders, and wall scanners. To help you with the interior fit-out, we stock a wide range of laser levels starting with line lasers, point lasers, and floor and tile lasers. For construction or site preparation, we have a selection of rotary lasers, pipe lasers, and dumpy levels along with laser detectors and tripods.

You may also browse our full selection of measuring tools and find tape measures, rulers and protractors, measuring wheels, calipers, and more. We even offer the best deals on testing tools including inspection cameras, thermometers, voltage detectors & meters, and more. We value your time and understand that the quality of your work hinges on the quality of your equipment, which is why we ensure to offer you a vast range of measuring tools that will suit your needs, big or small!

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