For any job that requires the use of a trowel, Total Tools has the right tools for the job! Whether it’s a soft-grip pointed trowel for plastering and general jobs or an aluminium bull float for scraping old build-ups or aggressive scrubbing– we offer an extensive range of hand tools for all your construction, industrial, and agricultural needs.

Our products are designed to provide a long-lasting performance backed up by the reputation given by your trusted brands such as Marshalltown, Ox, Masterfinish, Wallboard, Spear & Jackson, and many others. You may also browse our wide selection of plaster tools, floats, wrecking & pry bars, and more. Shop online or in-store today!

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What are trowels used for?

Trowels are small hand tools that have a flat, pointed blade, and are used for digging, scooping, spreading, and smoothing materials such as soil, concrete, and mortar. They are commonly used in gardening, construction, and masonry. They are used for digging small holes for planting bulbs, seedlings and bedding plants, for transplanting, for moving soil and for mixing small batches of concrete.

What are the different types of trowels?

  1. Garden trowel - a small, pointed tool used for digging and transplanting in the garden.
  2. Pointing trowel - a small trowel with a pointed blade used for precision work such as filling small gaps and crevices in masonry.
  3. Margin trowel - a small, narrow trowel with a straight blade used for detailed work, such as edging and trimming.
  4. Finishing trowel - a large, flat trowel used for smoothing and leveling concrete, plaster, and stucco.
  5. Brick trowel - a trowel with a wide, square blade used for handling and shaping bricks and other masonry materials.
  6. Concrete trowel - a trowel with a long handle and a flat, rounded blade used for smoothing and leveling wet concrete.
  7. Plastering trowel - a large, flat trowel with a wooden or metal handle used for spreading and smoothing plaster.
  8. Tile trowel - a trowel with a flat, square blade used for spreading and smoothing tile adhesive.

Why should you invest in these trowels?

These trowels are safe to use, durable, and powerful – built to tackle massive projects including refacing brickwork, laying oriented strand board, or breaking up old concrete floors. Lightweight enough to use in confined spaces while still providing the sheer force needed to lift and impact substantial amounts of material.