Square Combination

Ideal for construction, joinery, and other builder-type use, these square combinations from Total Tools come in a variety of sizes and styles. We supply a range of the popular brands you trust including, Stanley, WoLF, Bahco, Eclipse, Moore Wright, and more!

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Whether you're looking for a lock square combination, adjustable square combination, or combination sets, we've got you covered. Our range also includes stainless-steel square combinations, die-cast combination squares, and plastic-handle combination squares. You can even purchase your new quick square and square rafter, or get the new 300mm contractor-grade combination square. These combination squares are a builder's best friend for marking gauges and checking right angles and true or direct lines. They're heat-treated and made with high-carbon steel for maximum strength and durability.

Total Tool also offers a great selection of engineering and measurement tools, including spirit levels, angle measurers, square rafters, and more. You may even browse our extensive range of power tools, accessories, automotive tools, and other hand tools online, as well as our bonus offers and current redemptions.