Crow Bars (Fencing)

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Our highest-quality, fencing crow bars are designed for maximum penetration with less effort. We carry a selection of crow bars from wrecking bars, pry bars, digging bars, pinch bars, and more.

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What are some other things to know about crow bar tool?

These gardening tools are a must-have for breaking up heavy soil, reinforcing foundations and trenches, and loosening weeds from rocks and clay. These tools are made from high-carbon manganese steel and heat treated to increase strength. The chisel point is ideal for digging and the upset head is great for ramming or packing soil when setting posts. The pointed ends are designed for loosening soils in deep holes and trenches. These fencing crow bars are ideal for fencing contractors and farmers.

Here are the top brands that are selling crow bars:

  • Cyclone
  • Makita
  • Mumme
  • HRD
  • Edma

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