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Whether you’re looking for the perfect sharpening tool or need to mount an edge on your chisels and knives, you will find it here at Total Tools. Browse our collection from high-quality manufacturers including Maruyoshi, Norton, Tormek, Bahco, Ezelap, DMT, and more!

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Along with waterstones, honing stones, and bench stones, we also carry a range of sharpeners, including chainsaw and diamond sharpeners, as well as double-sided waterstone packages that really save space in your workshop or kitchen. Purchase your new angle kit that includes a knife clamp, angle guides, and guide rods in a roll pouch.

Enjoy the same satisfaction of using a traditional whetstone with the convenience of a modern, portable sharpener. These tools sharpen more than just kitchen knives but also include scissors, axes, garden shears, snips, pruners, lawn mowers, and woodworking tools. You'll get consistent results with our precise angle guides and multiple guides to fit different shape edges and accessories. Do not forget to wear protective clothing when you are working and handling sharpening tools.

Total Tools also carry a wide variety of blade replacements, drill bit sharpeners, and other tools accessories. Check out our massive selection of power tools, automotive tools, construction equipment, other hand tools, and more. Order online and grab our latest deals, bonus offers, and current redemptions!