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Staplers are handheld tools used for binding sheets of paper or other materials together by driving a thin metal staple through them. The staple is typically bent into a "U" shape to hold the pages together. Staplers come in various shapes and sizes, from small desk staplers to large industrial staplers used in construction and manufacturing. They are commonly found in offices, schools, and homes, and are a simple and efficient way to organize papers, create booklets, and attach tags or labels to items. Some staplers require manual force to operate, while others are electrically powered for faster and more convenient use.

What are the things to consider when buying stapler guns?

  • Type of stapler guns
  • Staple size
  • Staple capacity
  • Ergonomics
  • Brand and quality
  • Price

Let us learn about the types of staplers in the market:

  1. Manual Staplers: These staplers are the most common and widely used type of staplers. They require manual force to drive the staple into the material. They are available in different sizes and styles and are suitable for light-duty tasks.
  2. Electric Staplers: These heavy-duty staplers are powered by electricity and can be used for heavy-duty tasks. They are faster and more efficient than manual staplers and require less physical effort to use. They are commonly used in offices, schools, and other places where a large volume of stapling is required.
  3. Pneumatic Staplers: These staplers are powered by compressed air and are suitable for heavy-duty tasks such as construction, carpentry, and upholstery. They are more powerful than electric staplers and can drive staples into thicker materials.
  4. Staple Guns: Staple guns are like manual staplers, but they are more powerful and can drive staples into harder materials. They are commonly used for upholstery, carpentry, and construction tasks.
  5. Specialty Staplers: Specialty staplers are designed for specific tasks, such as cable staplers, fencing staplers, and roofing staplers. They are specialized tools that are designed to work with specific materials and applications.

Here are the popular heavy-duty and cable stapler brands you can trust:

  • Stanley
  • Milwaukee
  • Arrow
  • DeWalt
  • Klein
  • Bosch
  • Edma