Get your new reamers at Total Tools! With these reamers, you’ll be able to ream and bevel copper, aluminium, and other types of tubing. Whether you are building a new walk-in cooler or reaming an old one, we have all the equipment you need to get the job done.

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The Ridgid 37mm/40mm reamer is particularly suitable for working in confined areas, such as small nooks and crannies found on most plastic piping systems. The WoLF series of inner/outer reamers is ideal for reaming and beveling ¼" - 1 ½" (6mm) to 1 ⅝” (50mm) tube. These hand tools feature precision ground spindle ends that provide long life and smooth operation when using high speed steel blades, which are designed so they can run smoothly in the inner bore. Other models are made from plastic and has long-wearing alloy steel blades.

We also carry a selection of plumbing tools, tube extenders, deburring tools, and more. You may also browse our full line of hand tools, sets, and kits online or in-store. Order today and get them shipped to you or our Click & Collect service to pick them up from one of our 100+ stores near you!