At Total Tools, we equip pros and DIYers with a vast range of tiling tools, from classic axes to specialized splitters. We offer a wide range of tools, from handle axes to specialized tools like axe splitters, splitting axes, block splitters, and wood splitter axes, so you can find the right tools for any tiling project. Explore our precision-engineered collection and conquer any project with efficiency and accuracy. Shop now!

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Buy the Best Quality Axes at the Best Prices!

Each kind of hatchet splitter at Total Tools is created in view of accuracy and strength, guaranteeing you have the right apparatus for any wood-parting task. Our extensive selection meets a wide range of preferences and needs, whether you're a professional lumberjack or a home improvement enthusiast. Experience unparalleled performance and dependability when you select the ideal axe splitter for your requirements.

Different Types of Axe Splitters Available at Total Tools:

  • Splitting Mauls:
    • Characterized by a large, wedge-shaped blade and a heavy head.
    • Perfect for splitting hardwood or large logs.
  • Wedge Axes:
    • Highlights a limited edge with an articulated wedge shape.
    • Intended for accuracy parting and cutting more modest logs.
  • Twisted Axes:
    • Highlights a turned or twisting plan on the handle.
    • Gives a solid hold and added control during dividing errands.
  • Double Bit Axes:
    • Outfitted with two edges on far edges of the handle.
    • Offers adaptability for various cutting and dividing needs.
  • Forest Axes:
    • Minimal and compact plan, reasonable for ranger service and open-air assignments.
    • Adjusted for controlled cutting and slashing.
  • Tactical Axes:
    • Reduced and adaptable tomahawks intended for strategic and open-air applications.
    • Highlights a mix of cutting and strategic capabilities.
  • Compact Splitting Axes:
    • More modest and more versatile, appropriate for setting up camp and outside use.
    • Offers a decent harmony among size and parting capacity.
  • Viking Axes:
    • Roused by verifiable plans, including a whiskery hatchet head.
    • Offers exceptional stylish while keeping up with usefulness.

Key Features to Consider When Buying Axes for Splitting:

To make sure you select the appropriate axe for splitting, consider these important qualities before making a purchase:

  • Blade Design: Choose an axe with a well-designed blade, whether it's a wood splitter axe or a more conventional splitting axe.
  • Handle Material: Check the handle material's comfort and durability to make sure it offers a firm grip when in use.
  • Weight and Balance: Select an axe whose weight and balance are suitable for the splitting task at hand and your strength.
  • Versatility: Choose an axe with a broad range of applications to provide flexibility in various situations.

Different Brands Offering Good Quality Splitting Axes:

At Total Tools, you can get premium splitting axes from well-known brands including Estwing, DeWalt, Gardenmaster, Cyclone, Spear & Jackson, and more. We make sure you get a dependable instrument that fulfils your requirements for accuracy, dependability, and longevity with our carefully chosen collection.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

How to sharpen an axe?

Use a file or a sharpening stone to make an axe sharp. Keep your angle constant, usually between 25 and 30 degrees, and adhere to the blade's pre-existing bevel.

What is a splitter axe?

A splitter axe, sometimes known as a splitting maul, is particularly intended to split wood down its grain. It is effective for this activity since it usually has a broader wedge-shaped blade and a heavier head.

Get the best axes for any wood-cutting task by stocking up at Total Tools. Shop in-store or online for quality, durability, and unbeatable prices. Check out more of our great deals, bonus offers, and current redemptions too!