Looking for the perfect plunger for your toilet or sink? Look no further! Our wide selection of plungers includes the best options for all your plumbing needs.

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Buy toilet and sink plungers online and in-store at the best prices!

With our high-quality toilet plungers, you can bid farewell to pesky clogs. Our toilet plungers feature a specialized flange design, ensuring a tight seal and maximum suction power. Say goodbye to toilet troubles and restore your bathroom's functionality in no time.

For sink clogs, our sink plungers are here to save the day. Designed with a durable rubber cup, these plungers provide excellent sealing and unclogging capabilities. No more standing water or slow drains – our sink plungers will have your sink flowing smoothly again.

Got a stubborn drain blockage? Our drain plungers are up to the challenge. Equipped with a long, flexible design, these plungers can reach deep into your drains to tackle even the toughest clogs. Don't let drain problems disrupt your day – our drain plungers are here to solve them.

Choose our long plungers and tig rods for all your plumbing and fabrication needs. Trust the quality and reliability of our products to make your tasks easier and more efficient. Shop with us today and experience the difference!

Here are some common types of plungers available at Total Tools!

  1. Cup Plungers: Cup plungers, also known as sink plungers, are designed for unclogging sinks, showers, and bathtubs. They have a rubber cup at the end of a wooden or plastic handle.
  2. Flange Plungers: Flange plungers, also called toilet plungers, are specifically designed for unclogging toilets. They feature a rubber cup with an extended flange or collar to fit into the toilet drain opening.
  3. Accordion Plungers: Accordion plungers, as the name suggests, have a collapsible rubber accordion-shaped cup. They can be effective for both sinks and toilets and provide extra suction power.
  4. Power Plungers: Power plungers, also known as pressure plungers or air blasters, use compressed air to create a forceful blast of air into the drain or toilet. They are often more powerful than traditional plungers and can be effective for stubborn clogs.
  5. Manual Drain Augers: While not strictly plungers, manual drain augers (also called drain snakes or plumbing snakes) are tools used to remove clogs by manually rotating a flexible cable down the drain. They can be helpful for more challenging blockages.

What are the points to consider when buying plungers?

  • Type of plunger
  • Size and shape
  • Material
  • Handle design
  • Storage
  • Reviews and recommendations
  • Price

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