Mattocks & Pick Axes

Update your tool kits with Cyclone, Garden Master, and Spear & Jackson mattocks and pick axes – designed to be used as all-rounder, these hand tools are ideal for digging trenches, breaking up hard soil, and removing roots.

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With a short steel, timber, or hardwood handle ideal for small spaces but longer than average, these tools will comfortably allow you to work around obstacles such as fences. Some models even feature a tapered oval eye at the top of the head, meaning it can also be used to remove larger stones or clear clogs from pipes or watering holes. Solid steel construction and forged hardened heads means these mattocks and pick axes can stand up under any challenge!

At Total Tools, our tools are available in several styles to suit your gardening needs. Order online and get them shipped to you or use our Click & Collect service to pick them up from one of our 100+ stores around Australia!