Garden Hoes & Cultivators

At Total Tools, we carry a range of garden hoes and cultivators that are perfect for your garden and yard. Gardeners have been using these tools to till and cultivate soil – choose from our full line from top manufacturers such as Makita, Spear & Jackson, Cyclone, Garden Master, and more.

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What are garden hoes and cultivators?

Garden hoes and cultivators provide you with a range of gardening tools to meet your needs. A garden hoe is a long-handled tool that you can use to mix and loosen soil, eliminate weeds, or create beds. Garden cultivators are also known as landscape rollers, soil rollers, rolling lawnmower plants, and corn planters. Garden cultivators come in varied sizes depending on how deep you want your garden beds or yard to be.

How to use garden hoes and cultivators?

In the garden, there are several types of garden tools you can use for your landscaping. Hoes grab onto the soil, breaking down small clumps and helping to loosen them. Spades are used in removing matter like earthworms and roots that have settled into your yard.

Garden cultivators can be used in four diverse ways: mixing fertilizer, compost, or other amendments, loosening compacted soil for better aeration and water access, improving drainage, and preparing the surface for planting seedlings.