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Our range of bow saws from Bahco is ideal for professional woodworkers, gardeners, and farmers. Made from high-quality steel and protected from rust and corrosion by a coating of high-impact enamel paint, these bow saws' frames are designed for demanding applications.

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What are bow saws used for?

A bow saw is a type of hand tool used to cut small to medium-sized tree branches. The bow-shaped handle that is attached to both ends of the blade and resembles a bow and arrow when held on its side is what gives this saw its name. The heavy-duty knuckle protection and high-quality steel make it ideal for prolonged usage.

How do you use a bow saw?

The following rules should be kept in mind when using a bow saw:

  1. Keep your safety in mind – wearing protective gloves is a must whenever operating a bow saw.
  2. Inspect the saw – make sure the tool is sharp enough to cut on the objects before using it, and that the screws are well fastened. To make cutting simpler, use sandpaper to remove some of the rust from your saw. A smooth saw won't generate as much friction.
  3. Apply oil – adding some cutting oil to the saw blade is something you might want to do in advance.
  4. Make sure to balance the log – when breaking it apart, be careful not to pinch any parts. The item might need to slip off the blade.
  5. Start your cut – steadily push and pull. Set up a rhythm and let the saw do the work.

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