Tape Measures

Total Tools carries a selection of high-quality tape measures or measuring tape from today’s leading brands such as Stanley, Crescent, Milwaukee, DeWalt, and more! These measurement tapes work well on jobsites and are the workhorse that many DIY and big projects need.

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Which type of measuring tapes or tape measures should you get?

Get the Stanley FATMAX 10M long tape measure that features tough construction, a magnetic blade for easy gripping, and a Mylar Olyester coated blade for extended durability. You may also choose the Crescent Pro Grip 8m tape measure with durable case construction and true zero design that allows for quick field calibration without any re-calibration required. Some models even come with a magnetised case, self-adhesive bench top surface, and dual-end hooks that help you get accurate measurements, these tape measures are the perfect companion whenever you need them.

What are the factors to consider when buying measuring tapes?

  • Length
  • Width
  • Material
  • Locking mechanisms
  • Standout
  • Markings
  • Durability
  • Brand
  • Price

How to read a tape measure (measuring tape) in centimeters? In inches? And in millimeters?

  1. Identify the units of measurement – most tape measures contain measurements in imperial inches as well as metric centimeters and millimeters. Ensure that you are aware of the units you are reading.
  2. Find the zero point – check for the tape measure's end that has a metal tab or hook. All measurements are done from this location.
  3. Read the measurement – find the tape measure mark that matches the end of the item you are measuring. Take note of the tape measure's number closest to the target.
  • In cm: With a metric tape measure, the marks on the tape will show centimeters (cm). Ten millimeters, or tenths of a centimeter, make up each centimeter (mm). The centimeters are indicated by the number before the first mm mark, and the millimeters are shown by the number following the mm mark. For instance, the measurement is 15.4 cm if the object measures up to the fourth mark after the 15-cm mark.
  • In inches: The marks on an imperial tape measure will denote inches ("), and smaller units (fractions of an inch). The number before the first mark denotes the inches, while the number after the last mark represents the fraction of an inch. Each inch is divided into 16 smaller units, referred to as "sixteenths." For instance, the measurement is 4 4/16", which can be decreased to 4 1/4, if the object measures up to the fourth mark following the 4" mark ".
  • In mm: Some tape measures may have markings that only show millimeters (mm). The mark nearest to the object indicates the measurement in millimeters, with each millimeter being represented by a different number.

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