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Get your new plumb bobs at Total Tools! Shop from our range of Kincrome, Medalist, Stanley, and Tajima plumb bobs – these measuring tools are the perfect accessory for creating that professional look when building.

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What is a plumb bob?

Plumb bobs are used by masons, carpenters, and electricians to find a vertical line known as a "plumb" in the ground. Plumb is the vertical equivalent of a spirit level. The plumb consists of a specially designed weight and coarse string made of twisted cotton or nylon threads. With their vertical, solid brass construction and through a hole, these 300g/400g/450g heavy-duty brass plumb bobs (usually used in electrical work) give you a reliable point to start from. These plumb bobs are made from solid brass, meaning their rust resistant and durable.

How to use a plumb bob?

Plumb bobs are used to find straight vertical lines and horizontal lines. The point of the tool is fixed at the point to be plumbed. The weight, or bob, is then allowed to swing freely so that it stops precisely below the point at which the string above is fixed. Once you have attached your string, simply use the spirit level sighting pattern to align your bob with magnetic north; then trim the head for a perfect fit.

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