Unlock the world of precise measurements with our range of calipers. From traditional vernier calipers to advanced digital calipers, we at Total Tools have the perfect tool for your needs. Experience the seamless accuracy of calipers, with their time-tested design and reliable performance. Alternatively, step into the digital era with our cutting-edge digital calipers, offering unparalleled precision at the touch of a button.

These measuring calipers are the ultimate companions for engineers, DIY enthusiasts, and professionals alike. Explore our collection with a price match guarantee and elevate your measurements to a new level of excellence. Invest in quality. Invest in precision. Invest in calipers.

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Vernier Calipers: The Best Helping Hand!

Digital calipers and vernier calipers are precision measuring tools used in various applications to measure distances between two points or to determine the size of an object.

Variety of calipers available online and in-store today!

We carry a range from 150mm - 200mm vernier calipers – these are handy little tools that allow you to measure with an internal and external diameter measurement range. Whether you need to measure the depth of a cooling chamber or across the length of an air intake, our range of high-quality test and measurement tools got you covered!

What are the factors to consider before selecting Digital calipers?

  1. Type of caliper
  2. Measuring range
  3. Accuracy
  4. Resolution
  5. Material
  6. Ease of use
  7. Brand and price

Here are the top brands that offer caliper measuring tools!

We stock high-quality calipers from trusted brands such as Mastercraft, TTI, Gearwrench, and many others. Shop online today and make the most of our competitive shipping rates! Don't know exactly which caliper is right for the job? No worries, visit any of our 100+ stores across Australia and speak to our friendly staff!