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Check out our complete line of concrete trowel machines online and in-store at Total Tools! We carry a variety of sizes and power sources from top brands including Masterfinish, Husqvarna, Ox, Cemtool, and many others.

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What are trowel machines used for?

Trowel machines, also known as power trowels, are tools used in the construction industry to finish concrete surfaces. They consist of a rotating horizontal blade mounted on a handle, which is powered by a gas engine or electric motor.

How to use a trowel machine?

  1. Turn on the machine, then the operator will stand on the handle and guide the blade over the wet concrete surface.
  2. Then, the blade rotates at high speeds, smoothing and leveling the concrete as it goes.
  3. Trowel machines can be used to finish both small and large concrete surfaces, such as floors, patios, and driveways.

Why should you invest in a trowel machine?

There are several benefits to using a trowel machine. For one, they can save a lot of time and effort compared to finishing concrete by hand. They also provide a more consistent and professional finish, as the blade can reach a uniform level of smoothness across the entire surface. Additionally, trowel machines are more efficient at removing excess water from the concrete, which helps the surface to cure more evenly and prevents blemishes from forming.

Trowel machines are a valuable tool for anyone working with concrete in the construction industry or as a DIY enthusiast. They can greatly reduce the time, effort, and cost of a project while producing a high-quality finish. If you have a concrete project coming up, it may be worthwhile to consider using a trowel machine.