Finding the wheelbarrow that fits your requirement can be easy with Total Tools. Browse through our jobsite equipment for a wheelbarrow that suits your loads. Our selection of Makita, Easymix, and Kelso wheelbarrows will no doubt be capable of performing and helping you get the job done with their exceptional strength and durability.

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What are wheelbarrows used for?

A wheelbarrow is a small hand-propelled vehicle with one wheel that is used for carrying goods, typically in a garden or construction site.

Why is it called a wheelbarrow?

A wheelbarrow is called such because it is a barrow (a small hand-propelled vehicle) with a wheel. The word "barrow" comes from the Old English "bearwe" which means "a vehicle for carrying goods." The addition of "wheel" refers to the single wheel that is present on the front of the vehicle.

Why should you invest in these wheelbarrows?

These wheelbarrows are built with a square base for easy brick handling and a high front lip for easy pouring, with durable tires to help with the heavy lifting. They are made to withstand heavy-duty usage and have either a steel or poly bucket. The design offers great stability, with a good load capacity that makes carrying around heavier loads easier. The steel frame and pneumatic tyres make these barrows strong and durable while still being lightweight enough to use on the jobsites.

Wheelbarrows can also be useful for a variety of tasks such as moving soil, compost, or debris in a garden or construction site. They can also be used to transport tools and equipment. Investing in a wheelbarrow can save time and energy by making it easier to move heavy loads and can also make tasks less physically demanding. They are also relatively inexpensive and durable, making them a good investment for both personal and commercial use.

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