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What is a demolition saw?

A demolition saw is a heavy-duty, powerful cutting device made specifically for cutting through tough materials like concrete, brick, stone, asphalt, and other comparable materials. It is frequently used to rapidly and effectively remove or cut through these materials in building, restoration, and demolition tasks.

What is a concrete saw used for?

A concrete saw is typically used to cut through slabs of concrete or other relatively thin concrete pieces. They are often used in building and remodelling projects to cut expansion joints and provide apertures for doors, windows, and plumbing. Compared to demolition saws, concrete saws are typically smaller and less powerful, but they can still be cut through strong materials.

Which type of blade is used in a demolition saw?

The most common types of blades used in demolition saws are:

  • Diamond blades are used to cut through tough substances including concrete, stone, and asphalt. These blades have a diamond-particle coating that makes them incredibly hardy and able to swiftly and quickly cut through tough materials.
  • Carbide-tipped blades are used to cut through soft materials like wood. Carbide, a strong and resilient substance that can withstand the demands of heavy-duty cutting, is used to make teeth.
  • Abrasive blades are used to cut through a variety of materials, including metal, masonry, and asphalt. They are constructed of materials like silicon carbide or aluminium oxide. These blades are made to progressively become less effective as they cut, exposing new abrasive material for further cutting.