Milwaukee SDS Drill Bits & Sets

Browse our selection of Milwaukee SDS drill bits and sets at Total Tools. Find Milwaukee SDS drill bits in 3 piece, 4 piece, 10 piece, and up to 25 piece THUNDERWEB™, hammer drill sets, high-quality cobalt, self-feed wood drill sets, SDS max, ¼" hex, HSS drill sets, and more.

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Milwaukee SDS drill bits and sets drill holes through concrete and masonry. You can also use it for hard-to-reach areas or off-the-floor drilling thanks to its shorter length. Milwaukee HSS (high speed steel) drill bits can be used in combination with carbide-tipped tools to cut through wood and metal. These HSS drill bits are ideal for drilling strong, centred holes in masonry. You can even create clean holes through wood and steel with the Milwaukee SDS PLUS™ drill bits and sets.

Milwaukee SDS drill bits and sets are engineered to deliver the maximum output and longest life when used with a Milwaukee hammer drill or rotary hammer drill. Select the right SDS drill bits and sets to help you get the job done quicker and easier! You can also check out our complete line of Milwaukee step drill bits and sets and power tools accessories for drilling, as well as our current Milwaukee redemptions online!