Milwaukee Chargers

Today, the usage of cordless power tools has been on the rise and a lot more are taking advantage of high-demand batteries. If you're investing in the more powerful M12 and M18 FUEL tools, you would consider getting one of these Milwaukee chargers from Total Tools!

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Check out our range of Milwaukee chargers starting with the Milwaukee 18V Job Site Radio/Charger Skin, Milwaukee 18V 6 Bay Sequential Battery Charger, Milwaukee 18V Dual Bay Simultaneous Rapid Charger, and more. We also have Milwaukee 12V/18V Multi Voltage Rapid Charger, Milwaukee 12V/18V Automotive Charger, Milwaukee 12V 4 Bay Sequential Battery Charger, Milwaukee 2V Travel Charger, and more.

Designed with professionals in mind, the Milwaukee M12 and M18 Charger is optimized and equipped with advanced charging capabilities suited to work faster with all the Milwaukee batteries. This allows users to charge batteries 4x faster than they would compare to the standard chargers.

The Milwaukee battery charger also features REDLINK™ Intelligence that communicates directly with the battery to monitor cell voltage, temperature, and charge status to improve the performance and boost the life of the pack.

You may also check out our massive range of Milwaukee Batteries, Milwaukee Combo Kits, and more. Shop today and grab some great deals on our bonus offers and current redemptions online!