Brazing Rods

At Total Tools, we stock all types of welding consumables, including brazing rods, welding rods, soldering gas, welding collets, wires, and all the accessories needed to keep your work safe and sanitary. We have the 2.4mm blue brazing rods and 1.6mm mild steel filler rods - these Cigweld brazing rods are used for general-purpose brazing of stainless steel and cast and malleable irons.

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What are brazing rods? And how to use them?

Brazing rods or tubes are appropriate for use in welding or brazing applications. The rod or tube is heated to an operating temperature, usually between 750° and 900° F – the melting point of the rod. This activates the filler material and fuses it with the base metal. There are many benefits of using a brazing rod such as quick set times, consistent heat distribution, longer tool life compared to soldering techniques, and greater durability compared to welding techniques.

What’s the difference between brazing and welding? 

The main difference between brazing and welding is the heat source. Brazing is a welding process that pushes the filler metal into the joint, creating a gas-tight seal. The filler metal melts, fusing to the base material while bonding and creating a watertight bond. This process is used on steel and ferrous metals, not copper pipes in hot water systems.

Welding is a manufacturing process that joins materials, usually metals or thermoplastics, by using high heat to melt and cool the parts together to create a fusion. Welding differs from low-temperature techniques such as brazing and soldering, which do not melt the base metal.