Welding Helmets & Hoods

Total Tools is your source for the best welding helmets, including powered air and auto-darkening welding helmets. We carry the best brands you trust like Michigan, Unimig, Cigweld, Lincoln, and more. With superior quality at competitive prices, you are sure to find a size and shade that fits your needs.

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What are welding helmets used for?

Welding helmets are the most important piece of eye protection when welding or soldering. These safety gears protect your eyes from flying sparks, burning metal, and hot slag.

Why should you invest in these welding helmets?

These welding helmets are provided with lenses that protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation and infrared heat. The types of lenses available include clear, dark/presses, both for solar radiation, and shades 9-13, intended for arc welding. Integrated air provides comfort during long work sessions, while large viewing areas ensure you have an optimal field of vision. Combining functional aspects with state-of-the-art technology, our selection of welding helmets is designed to meet your specific needs. We also stock a range of high-quality welding shields, welding goggles, and welding respirators.

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