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Check out our range of safety glasses, safety goggles, and protective eyewear online and in-store at Total Tools! We carry a selection of eyes, face, and head protection from top-selling brands such as Prochoice, Bolle, Guardall, Maxisafe, Safestyle, and more.

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Boost the safety of your eyes at the workplace with these safety glasses and goggles!

Safety glasses and safety goggles are used to shield the eyes from potential job risks such as flying debris, dust, or damaging UV radiation. Additionally, they can be utilised in sports and activities that offer a risk of eye damage.

Check out our variety of safety glasses today!

The ideal pair of safety glasses may vary depending on the intended use. When selecting safety glasses, you should consider a few aspects, such as:

  1. Impact resistance - search for eyewear that complies with the American National Standards Institute's (ANSI) criteria for impact resistance.
  2. UV protection - look for eyewear that offers 99–100% UV protection if you are working outside or with UV-emitting machinery.
  3. Make sure the glasses are a secure and comfortable fit for your face.
  4. Lens colour - depending on the colour of the lens, several advantages may be offered, such as glare reduction or improved contrast.
  5. Look for companies with a solid reputation for quality and safety when choosing a brand.
  6. Durability - select eyewear constructed with sturdy materials that can endure wear and tear.

Also, it is crucial to check with your employer or safety manager to make sure the safety glasses you select adhere to the standards of your job or activity.

What are the factors to consider before buying protective eyewear?

Anyone who works in a workplace that provides eye danger, such as construction sites, factories, or laboratories, should invest in protective eyewear. You should consider many aspects while purchasing protective eyewear to achieve the best possible protection. The following are key points to bear in mind:

  • Safety standards
  • Type of eye hazard
  • Comfort and fit
  • Lens material
  • Lens coatings
  • Prescription needs
  • Cost

Why would you wear safety glasses?

When working or participating in certain activities, safety glasses are worn to protect the eyes from risks. Flying debris, dust, damaging UV radiation, and other eye injuries are some of these risks. Safety eyewear can reduce the risk of severe eye injuries, including cuts, bruising, and blindness.