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What is the purpose of a safety harness?

A safety harness is a device used to secure a person in a potentially dangerous work setting, like on a construction site or when rock climbing. A safety harness's main functions are to stop falls from happening and shield its user from harm if they do.

What are the 3 types of harnesses?

  1. Full Body Harness – this device offers complete fall protection for the torso, legs, and even the lifeline attachment point.
  2. Seat Harness – this simply covers the legs and waist and is intended to support a person while they are seated.
  3. Chest Harness – usually paired with additional harnesses, like a full body or seat harness, to give the upper body more stability and support.

How does a safety harness protect you?

A safety harness reduces the danger of harm by properly distributing the impact of a fall across the harness to protect you. Strong materials and webbing were used in the creation of the harness to keep the wearer firmly in place while also absorbing the stress of a fall. A safety line or anchor point can be connected to the harness's attachment points, such as D-rings, to give additional stability and security.

Most safety harnesses also feature adjustable straps to guarantee a correct fit and security, reducing the possibility of slipping out of the harness during a fall. The safety harness helps the wearer avoid hitting the ground in the case of a fall, lowering the chance of harm.

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