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We bring you a wide range of hand tools and accessories online and in-store at Total Tools! Our selection includes chisel sets, cold chisels, chisel singles, and more from our trusted and top-selling brands such as DeWalt, Bahco, Stanley, WoLF, Ox, TTI, and many others.

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What is a chisel set?

A chisel set is a collection of chisels, which are hand tools used for cutting and shaping wood, metal, or other materials. Chisels are typically made of steel and have a sharp, flat edge at one end for cutting, and a handle at the other end for grip. Chisels come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and sets can include anywhere from a few to several dozen chisels of different sizes and types.

How do I choose a chisel set?

When choosing a chisel set, there are a few factors to consider:

  • Size - consider the size of the chisels in the set and whether they are suitable for the type of work you will be doing. Larger chisels are good for removing larger amounts of material, while smaller chisels are better for finer, more precise work.
  • Type - different types of chisels are designed for different purposes. For example, some chisels are used for roughing out shapes, while others are used for fine detailing. Consider the types of chisels that are included in the set and whether they will be useful for your needs.
  • Quality - look for chisels that are made from high-quality steel and are well-constructed. Cheaper chisels may not hold their edge as well and may break or bend more easily.
  • Price - consider the price of the chisel set and whether it is a good value for the number and quality of the chisels included.

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Most of our chisel sets are made of high-quality aluminium, softwood, hardwood, and other materials, including those with non-stick coating. We carry 3pc/5pc/6pc chisel sets (available in different styles and sizes) for woodworking, carving, and polishing various kinds of wood objects and woodwork modeling. They are perfect for DIY projects or as gifts for friends and family who like to do their projects or trades.

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