Extension Cords

Browse our extensive range of extension cords at Total Tools! We carry a selection from top manufacturers such as Detroit, HPM, Ultracharge, Wilcox, and many others. These electrical tools are convenient and practical for providing power to devices and appliances in areas where outlets are scarce or out of reach.

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What is an extension cord?

A portable power supply cable known as an extension cord enables you to utilise electrical equipment and appliances in places where there isn't an outlet or if the nearest outlet is too far away. They may be used both indoors and outside and come in a variety of lengths and gauge sizes.

How important is it to choose the right extension cord?

Selecting the appropriate extension cable is crucial when using one. While a cord with a higher gauge number is thinner and unsuitable for high-wattage appliances, one with a lower gauge number is thicker and can withstand greater wattages. Additionally, it's critical to confirm that the extension cord, whether it be used indoors or outside, is rated for the desired application.

What are the safety precautions for using an extension cord?

  1. Never use an extension cable that is not rated for the wattage of the appliances you are using, plug in too many gadgets, or overload it.
  2. Never use a cable that has been spliced or repaired; instead, be sure it is not frayed or otherwise damaged.
  3. Before disconnecting any connected gadgets, always unhook the extension cable first.
  4. When not in use, be sure to keep the cable securely to avoid mishaps.