Power Boards

Looking for a reliable way to expand your electrical outlets while safeguarding your valuable electronics? Consider a high-quality power board with surge protection! These versatile devices offer multiple outlets, allowing you to plug in several devices simultaneously.

Don't risk your electronics—invest in a surge protector power board today for peace of mind and extended power availability!

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Buy reliable and long-lasting power extension boards online and in-store!

Check out our range of power extension boards at Total Tools! Power boards, also known as extension cables, are used to expand the number of electrical outlets in space. They offer a practical way to connect several appliances—including laptops, lamps, televisions, and other electronics—to a single electrical outlet. Removing the requirement for various plug adapters helps in clutter reduction and space conservation. Other features on some power boards include USB ports, timers, overload protection, surge protection, and remote-control capabilities.

Different types of power boards are available to buy at Total Tools:

  • Surge protector power boards
  • Overload protection power boards
  • USB powerboards/ powerboards with USB
  • Outdoor powerboards
  • Timer power boards
  • Power boards with switches
  • Power extension boards
  • Smart power boards
  • Waterproof power boards
  • Portable power boards

Essential factors to consider when buying a surge protector power board:

  1. Joule rating – the higher the joule rating, the more energy the surge protector can absorb before it fails.
  2. Clamping voltage – the lower the clamping voltage, the better the protection. 
  3. The number of outlets – make sure the surge protector has adequate outlets and consider how many gadgets you will be connecting to it.
  4. Surge protection indicator – some surge protectors have a light that lets you know whether the protection is active or not.
  5. Type of protection – make sure the surge protector you purchase provides both surge and over-voltage protection.
  6. Brand reputation – select a reliable brand with positive customer feedback and a robust warranty.
  7. Size and portability – consider the surge protector's size and portability, especially if you intend to use it on excursions.
  8. Power cord length – confirm that the length of the power cord meets your needs.
  9. Cost – consider the surge protector's price and contrast it with other available solutions on the market.
  10. Warranty – choose a surge protector with a warranty that includes all connected devices as well as the device itself.

Here are the top brands that offer the best-value power boards:

  • Detroit
  • HPM
  • Ultracharge