Complimentary Pre-Delivery Service on Petrol OPE Items & Air Compressors

As you may already know, Total Tools has been servicing Australians for 25 years now, becoming the one-stop destination for anybody looking to purchase professional tools. Nothing rings more true than the complimentary Total Tools Pre-Delivery Service on all In-Store purchased Petrol OPE & Air Compressors. What this service offers is that all petrol products purchased In-Store, excluding online delivery orders (online click & collect accepted), will be fully assembled, fuelled, oiled, started & tested before you leave with the item to guarantee 100% satisfaction and ready to tackle the job at hand.

The Total Tools Pre-Delivery Service is carried our by our staff to the utmost professionalism and care to guarantee perfection. We check and prep your purchase making sure its ready to go. Dependent on the item the steps we cover include:

  • Check electric motor and pump running correctly
  • Add oil
  • Add fuel
  • Pump oil to the correct level
  • Check air-pressure correct and lines are not leaking
  • Check cut-out pressure
  • Lubricate moving parts as necessary
  • Start and check it operarates as expected

The Pre-Delivery Service gives you the peace of mind knowing that your purchase has been inspected and is in 100% working condition prior to collection. To qualify for the Pre-Delivery Service, simply keep an eye out for the Pre-Delivery symbol online or simply ask one of our staff members In-Store.

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