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  1. Total Tools becomes an Official Partner of the Movember Foundation

    Total Tools becomes an Official Partner of the Movember Foundation

    Total Tools is proud to become an Official Partner of the Movember Foundation in 2020.

    Since 2016, Total Tools has been supporting Movember on the hairy journey to support the fight and raise awareness to help change the face of men’s health and stop men dying too young.

    Across our network in 2019, the Total Tools Movember team raised over $129K, finishing 2nd in the Team leader board and 14th overall in Australia for the Team Challenge.

    In 2020 we’re back, and we’re determined. We wanted to do more and we are excited to take this partnership to the next level to support our trade community.

    With so many mo-bros on jobsites throughout the country this cause is close to our heart at Total Tools. And while we all know the importance of health & safety on the jobsite…it’s equally important to down tools for a moment, check in on a mate and raise funds for the men’s health issues that affect Aussie blokes’ like mental health, suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer to name just a few.

    A simple tool that can be used on every jobsite, is the ALEC framework:

    ASK Start by asking how he’s feeling. It’s worth mentioning any changes you’ve picked up on: has he stopped replying to texts? Does he sound different on the phone? Has he gone quiet in the group chat?

    LISTEN Give him your full attention. Let him know you’re hearing what he’s saying and you’re not judging. You don’t have to diagnose problems or offer solutions, but asking questions lets him know you’re listening.

    ENCOURAGE ACTION Help him focus on simple things that might improve how he feels. Is he getting enough sleep? Is he exercising and eating well? Maybe there’s something that’s helped him in the past – it’s worth asking.

    CHECK IN WITH A MATE Follow up your conversation with a phone call or FaceTime. This helps to show that you care; plus, you’ll get a feel for whether he’s feeling any better.

    Help us make to a difference.

    Get into your local Total Tools and help change the face of men’s health this Movember – whatever you grow will save a bro!

    You can support our staff who are growing mo’s or grab a Total Tools Movember Tee, Hat or Stubby Holder at selected stores and rock-it on the job site to show your support…..Every bit helps!

    Total Tools, Every Tool, Every Trade, EVERY MO, EVERY BRO!

    Donate to the Total Tools Movember team:

    Find out more about how you can get involved with Movember:

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