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Check out our complete line of suction cups, glass suction cups, suction cups for windows, vacuum suction cups, rubber suction cups, and more online and in-store! We carry many brands such as Toledo, Grabo, DTA, and many others. Some of these brands offer unique features like a quick release, heavy duty, and some are suitable for certain surfaces such as metal, glass, tile, etc.

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What is a suction cup used for?

A suction cup is a tool that, when pressed on a flat surface, generates a vacuum seal that enables it to cling to and grip objects. They are frequently employed to secure objects like shower accessories, window decor, and phone holders in place. To retain objects firmly, suction cups are also employed in dental and laboratory environments.

Do the suction cup stick better wet or dry?

Suction cups often stick better when they are wet. They can retain more weight and stay in place for a longer amount of time than a dry one thanks to the stronger vacuum seal that a wet suction cup provides. A wet suction cup may form a tighter seal on the surface it is being applied to, which enables the creation of more suction.

How to use a suction cup?

  1. The area where the suction cup will be placed should be cleaned. To achieve a solid seal, make sure it is clear of dust, grime, and grease.
  2. Firmly place the suction cup against the surface. Put on enough force to seal a vacuum between the surface and the suction cup.
  3. To lock the vacuum seal in place, depress any levers or tabs that the suction cup may have.
  4. Place the thing you want to retain on top of the suction cup once it is firmly secured.
  5. Pull the tab or lever to break the seal and carefully remove the suction cup from the surface.

It's important to remember that suction cups are not meant to be used on porous, uneven, or surfaces that could be exposed to extremely hot or cold weather. Additionally, they tend to lose their suction over time, so you'll need to periodically check the suction cup to make sure it's still strong.