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Shop our range of ear muffs at Total Tools! We carry a complete line of top-selling brands such as Prochoice, Guardall, 3M, Uvex, Howard Leight, and more. Ear muffs are an essential piece of personal protection equipment (PPE) for anyone working in a noisy environment. They are made to protect your hearing from loud, potentially harmful noises that over time may result in permanent hearing loss. You can lower your chance of hearing loss and preserve your hearing health for years to come by using safety ear muffs.

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How to choose the best ear muffs for safety?

You must wear proper ear muffs to protect your ears when working in a noisy setting. The following elements should be considered while selecting the best safety earmuffs:

  1. Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) - is a metric for how well ear muffs do at reducing noise. An NRR of at least 22dB is ideal, however greater is preferable.
  2. Comfort – it should be easy to wear ear muffs for extended periods. Look for earmuffs with a cushioned headband and adjustable ear cushions.
  3. Durability – should be designed to withstand frequent use and be made of sturdy materials.
  4. Portability – if you need to move your ear muffs, choose a kind that is portable and light.

When choosing the best ear muffs for safety, you must consider your special needs and the kind of work you'll be doing. Finding the best ear muffs will help you safeguard your hearing and keep you safe while working.

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What are the different hearing protection products available?

  • Ear plugs
  • Ear muffs
  • Ear muffs with built-in microphones and speakers
  • Custom moulded earplugs
  • Electronic earplugs
  • Canal caps
  • Helmet-mounted ear muffs