Permanent Markers

Total Tools has a large selection of permanent markers, so you can be sure to find the right one for any project, whether it's fine art or heavy-duty industrial work. Shop online or in-store today!

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Choosing the Right Permanent Marker for Your Needs!

Finding the ideal permanent marker is vital to an enduring effect, and at Total Tools, we offer a different reach custom fitted to meet your requirements.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Permanent Marker Pen:

  • Tip Type and Size: Consider the tip type and size that suits your application. Fine tips are great for point-by-point work, while more extensive tips are perfect for intense strokes and bigger surfaces.
  • Ink Color and Vibrancy: If you want your permanent marker to leave marks that are vivid and lasting, look into the variety of ink colors that are available. For bold, classic impressions, choose a black permanent marker.
  • Waterproof and Quick-Drying: Make sure your markings won't smudge and remain clear even in damp conditions by choosing markers that are waterproof and quick-drying.
  • Durability and Longevity: If you are working on projects that require permanent, indestructible marks, it is especially important to choose markers that are made to be long-lasting and durable.

Types of Permanent Marker for Different Applications:

  • Fine Point Permanent Markers: Fine point permanent markers are ideal for precise work and intricate projects because they provide control and accuracy.
  • Chisel Tip Permanent Markers: Adaptable and appropriate for both scarcely discernible differences and overgeneralized terms, etch tip indelible markers take care of different applications.
  • Industrial Permanent Markers: Made for extreme conditions, modern indelible markers endure unforgiving circumstances, making them ideal for places of work and uncompromising assignments.

Different Brands Offering Good Quality Permanent Marker

  • Milwaukee: A well-known brand offers a wide selection of permanent markers that are renowned for their dependability, vivid colors, and consistent performance.
  • Stanley: Stanley makes permanent markers that are strong and last a long time, offering high quality for both personal and professional use.
  • Kincrome: Kincrome permanent markers join accuracy with solidness, settling on them a confided in decision for different applications.