Makita Line Laser Levels

If you need a line laser level, Total Tools has all the solutions for you! We supply a selection of 12V Makita line laser level skins and kits. Get the Makita 12V max green or red 4-point crossline laser, 80m incline sensor laser distance measurer, or the 360°-line laser kit. We also have multi-line laser skins and self-leveling rotation lasers.

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These high-performance and cost-effective Makita line laser levels are ideal for creating lines and grading in applications such as site surveying and construction. These innovative products combine high brightness cross line lasers alongside an additional set of laser points – giving you a versatile tool that can be used to grade levels, mark out walls, and even measure out distances. Some even feature an incline sensor that self-levels if used on an inclined surface, a 360°-line laser that allows the user to cover large areas, and a multi-line laser for better productivity. Most models are powered by the latest 12V max lithium-ion batteries which give these laser levels up to 20 hours of constant use!

We even carry a full range of Makita cordless tools, laser distance measurers, and more. Shop today and find exciting deals and bonus offers on our Makita redemptions online!