DeWalt 54V Batteries

Browse our full selection of DeWalt 54V batteries at Total Tools! DeWalt 54V batteries are part of the Flexvolt system, they are known for their exceptional power and versatility. With a higher voltage rating than traditional 18V batteries, the 54V batteries deliver increased performance and capability, making them suitable for demanding applications and heavy-duty tasks.

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DeWalt 54V batteries are built with advanced lithium-ion cell technology, ensuring reliable power output and durability. They are designed to withstand challenging job site conditions, including temperature variations and impact, providing reliable performance in rugged environments.

Types of DeWalt 54v batteries available at Total Tools:

  • DeWalt 54v Flexvolt Lithium-Ion Battery: This is the standard 54v Flexvolt battery offered by DeWalt. It features a high-capacity lithium-ion cell and provides compatibility with both 54v and 18v DeWalt tools, thanks to its automatic voltage switching capability.
  • DeWalt 54v Flexvolt XR FLEXVOLT Advantage Battery: This battery is part of DeWalt's XR FLEXVOLT Advantage lineup. It offers the same 54v power and backward compatibility with 18v tools, but it may include additional features such as improved runtime or enhanced performance.
  • DeWalt 54v Flexvolt XR FLEXVOLT High-Demand Battery: This type of battery is designed for high-demand applications that require extended runtime and maximum power output. It typically has a higher ampere-hour (Ah) rating, allowing for longer use before recharging.
  • DeWalt 54v Flexvolt XR FLEXVOLT Dual-Voltage Battery: This battery is specifically designed to power dual-voltage tools that require both 54v and 18v power options. It provides seamless switching between voltages based on the tool being used, offering versatility and convenience.

What are the things to consider when buying DeWalt 54v Flexvolt battery?

  • Compatibility
  • Capacity
  • Power output
  • Flexibility
  • Battery condition
  • Warranty
  • Price