Looking for sturdy and reliable ramps for cars and loading purposes? Look no further! Our collection of aluminium ramps is designed to meet your needs with precision and durability.

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Buy highly efficient ramps online and in-store today!

Whether you require ramps for your garage or a professional workshop, our car ramps are built to handle the weight of various vehicles. With a range of weight capacities and lengths available, you can trust these ramps to provide a safe and convenient solution for maintenance, repairs, or inspections.

Our loading ramps offer the perfect solution for the effortless loading of heavy equipment, motorcycles, ATVs, and more. Crafted from high-grade aluminium, these ramps ensure superior strength while remaining lightweight and corrosion-resistant. The non-slip surface and side rails provide added safety, making loading and unloading a breeze.

When it comes to ramps for cars, our aluminium ramps are second to none. With their robust construction and reliable performance, these ramps offer peace of mind for car enthusiasts, mechanics, and DIYers alike. Say goodbye to makeshift solutions and invest in ramps specifically designed for vehicles, providing the perfect elevation and access you need.

What are the things to consider when buying car ramps?

  • Weight capacity
  • Ramp length and angle
  • Ramp material
  • Safety features
  • Storage and portability
  • Intended use
  • Reviews and recommendations

Here are some types of ramps that you may find at Total Tools:

  1. Vehicle Ramps: These are ramps designed specifically for vehicles, allowing you to elevate the front or rear wheels for maintenance, repairs, or inspections. Vehicle ramps come in various weight capacities and lengths to accommodate different types of vehicles.
  2. Loading Ramps: Loading ramps are used for safely loading heavy equipment, motorcycles, ATVs, or other wheeled objects onto trailers, trucks, or elevated surfaces. They are typically designed to withstand heavy loads and often have non-slip surfaces or side rails for added safety.
  3. Wheelchair Ramps: Wheelchair ramps provide accessibility for individuals using mobility aids such as wheelchairs or scooters. They are designed to comply with accessibility regulations and ensure smooth transitions between different levels, such as curbs, steps, or doorways.
  4. Threshold Ramps: These ramps are specifically designed to bridge small height differences, such as thresholds or raised doorways. They are often made from durable materials and come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different thresholds.
  5. Multi-purpose Ramps: Some ramps are designed to be versatile and can be used for various purposes. They may have adjustable heights, modular designs, or folding capabilities, allowing them to serve as wheelchair ramps, vehicle ramps, or loading ramps, depending on the need.