Battery Testers

Browse our complete range of battery testers from huge brands such as Toledo, TTI, Fluke, Kincrome, SP Tools, Foxwell, and more. These electrical service tools help your mechanic perform accurate and timely repairs. Their ability to test all 12v batteries on the market, even hard-to-find flooded ones will be sure to save you money over time by helping prolong their usable life.

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What are battery testers?

Battery testers are used to check a battery’s overall charge and capacity. Direct current runs through every battery. Battery testers are used in a wide range of applications including automotive repairs, industrial maintenance, mechanical, electrical, measurement and testing, DIY projects, and more.

How do battery testers work?

Battery testers work by applying a load to the battery and monitoring the voltage response. This aids the device in calculating how much battery life is left. The procedure is quite easy – the current is released and may be measured when the conducive parts of the tester hit both the positive and negative contacts on the battery.

Which type of battery testers should you get?

Depending on your application needs, you can choose the battery and alternator voltage tester, the voltage continuity and current tester, or the 24v heavy-duty automotive circuit tester. We also have a digital battery and system testers, advanced battery/alternator testers, motorcycle battery testers, and more. It is always advised to refer to the manufacturer’s user guide or manual for each model. Before testing a battery, you should also make sure that the tester is ready to use and appropriate for the battery type you plan to test.