When it comes to automotive grease, there is a dizzying array of greases to choose from. There's grease for your car, tractor, truck, and boat. Total Tools delivers a range of Castrol's automotive greases – premium car greases for use in high temperatures and specialist grades for specific lubrication needs, all available at unbeatable prices.

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Purchase the Castrol 450g premium heavy-duty grease, the EPL2 multi-purpose grease, or the ultra-agri grease. Each is packed with a special high-temperature agent which drives off during operation effectively preventing dirt adhesion leading to the formulation of a clean and solid barrier between metal surfaces. This grease is the exact specification you need for your machine tool and automotive lubrication needs. For heavy-duty applications where safety, quality, reliability, and performance are paramount, you can have no better choice.

For the widest range of lubrication supplies, including garage and workshop equipment, mechanics service tools, grease guns, and oils, visit Total Tools online and in-store.