BOSCH 18V Brushless 2 x 8.0Ah 1/2" Impact Wrench Kit 0615990M65

MPN 0615990M65
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  • Warranty: 6 Year
  • Corded / Cordless: Cordless
  • Battery Included: Yes x2
  • Battery Capacity: 8.0Ah
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
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BOSCH 18V BITURBO Brushless 1/2inch Impact Wrench GDS 18V-1000 Skin 0.601.9J8.301

The GDS 18V-1000 Professional is a powerful 1/2" BITURBO brushless impact wrench. BITURBO Brushless technology provides industrial power with cordless freedom and is fully maximised with 8.0ah and 12.0ah ProCORE18V batteries. Whenever heavy-duty performance is needed, the new impact mechanism, which is designed to deliver a maximum tightening torque of 1,000 Nm and a maximum breakaway torque of up to 1,600Nm for challenging work environments. The high versatility in power control is ensured by the 3-speed/torque settings that allow adjustments to the respective work requirements.

The impact wrench is perfect for metal applications with machine screws from M10 to M24 like structural steel, metal assembly, pipe fitting, and for truck maintenance as well as for wood construction. It is compatible with all Bosch Professional 18 V batteries and chargers (Professional 18V system).

The GDS 18V-1000 Professional comes with ECP and EMP, a tool status indicator, LED light, a 1/2" tool holder with friction ring, and a ladder clip.

  • Full power at its best: 1/2" high torque impact wrench with BITURBO Brushless technology
  • High-performance brushless BITURBO motor with a tightening torque of 1,000 Nm and a breakaway torque of up to 1,600 Nm
  • User Interface: Direct tool feedback and 3 preset speed and impact rate settings for optimal working.
  • Variable speed trigger: precision speed control at the tips of your finger
  • Friction Ring: Easy use socket change
  • LED Light to illuminate the front working space
  • L-Boxx stackable storage solution


  • Torque adjustment range, min./max., 1st level: 0/350 Nm
  • Torque adjustment range, min./max., 2nd leve:l 0/700 Nm
  • Torque adjustment range, min./max., 3rd level: 0/1000 Nm
  • No-load speed: 0-1,750 rpm
  • No-load speed: (1st level) 0-800 rpm
  • No-load speed: (2nd level) 0-1,200 rpm
  • No-load speed: (3rd level) 0-1,750 rpm
  • Torque settings: 3
  • Torque, max.: 1,000 Nm
  • Impact rate: 0-2,600 bpm
  • Impact rate: (1st level) 0-1,600 bpm
  • Impact rate: (2nd level) 0-2,400 bpm
  • Impact rate: (3rd level) 0-2,600 bpm
  • Battery voltage: 18V
  • Tool holder: 1/2'' Square
  • Breakaway torque, max.: 1,600 Nm
  • Screw diameter: M10 - M24

BOSCH ProCORE18V 8.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery 1600A016GK

The Bosch ProCORE18V Lithium Ion Battery is the most Advanced 18V lithium ion battery on the market. The new 21700 cells are able to store significant higher levels of energy and under load can deliver 2X the power and runtime of older 18V battery cells. Removing weight & size, increasing power and lifetime, Bosch ProCORE18V batteries redefine cordless performance.

The Exclusive Coolpack 2.0 housing ensures heat is removed from the battery faster and more efficiently than any other battery pack. This means the battery runs cooler for longer and extends the lifetime by 135% of those without it. Using ProCORE18V with older Bosch 18V Professional tools users can experience up to 150% more applications per charge Experience the power to ProCORE18V for yourself.

  • Get the power, forget the weight - up to 11% smaller, up to 35% lighter
  • Unbelievable power output - 1600W
  • 21700 advanced Li-ion 40T cells
  • Coolpack 2.0 technology - 2 times longer lifetime, runs cooler, last longer, charges faster
  • Charging time: 80% / 100% [min] (GAL 1880 CV): approx. 60

BOSCH 18V Fast Battery Charger GAL 1880 CV 1600A00N5M

Fast charging is important on today jobsites. Cordless is king with no leads but down time can be a killer. The Bosch GAL 1880 CV fast charger is exactly that, fast. Charging an 8.0Ah battery to 80% in 50min means downtime is limited and users are back to earning quicker. Active Ari Cooling means it pulls air through the battery to cool it and charge it quicker.

The GAL 1880 CV is also intelligent, identifying the voltage, Ah, temperature and charge level of each battery inserted. It will assess the condition and charge the battery to maximize charge and minimize time. Compatible with all Bosch Professional 18V Li-Ion batteries since 2009.

  • 18V Fast Charger
  • Active Air Cooling
  • Intelligent
  • LED light indicators
  • Cord wrap
  • Bosch Pro 18V Li-Ion Batteries


  • Battery charging voltage: 14.4 - 18 V
  • Charge current: 8.0 A
    • Charg. time at bat. cap. 1.5 Ah (80%/100%) approx.: 10/25 mins
    • Charg. time at bat. cap. 2.0 Ah (80%/100%) approx.: 15/30 mins
    • Charg. time at bat. cap. 3.0 Ah (80%/100%) approx.: 20/35 mins
    • Charg. time at bat. cap. 4.0 Ah (80%/100%) approx.: 25/35 mins
    • Charg. time at bat. cap. 5.0 Ah (80%/100%) approx.: 30/45 mins
    • Charg. time at bat. cap. 6.0 Ah (80%/100%) approx.: 35/55 mins
    • Charg. time at bat. cap. 6.3 Ah (80%/100%) approx.: 41/55 mins
Part No 0615990M65
Brand Bosch
Barcode 4059952616803
Warranty 6 Year
Net Weight (kg) 2.90
Product Length (mm) 222
Product Width (mm) 86
Product Height (mm) 240
Combo Kit 1 Piece
Corded / Cordless Cordless
Brushless/Brushed Brushless
Voltage 18V
Batteries Supplied 2x8.0Ah
Battery Capacity 8.0Ah
Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Battery / Manual Battery


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