Cordless Soldering Irons

Grab your set of cordless soldering irons here at Total Tools! We partnered with huge brands like Milwaukee and Weller to bring you these lightweight, portable, and high-quality range of power tools, accessories, and more.

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You can choose from our range of M12 cordless soldering iron skins and kits, as well as the Weller self-lighting jumbo high temperature soldering iron and hot air tool deluxe kits. These soldering irons  are ready to go on job sites and in the field, conveniently powered by butane gas or rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The compact, ergonomic design allows the operator complete control, even during exhausting jobs. Plus, they even come with interchangeable tips for different soldering needs and applications.

You may also check out our range of corded soldering iron skins and kits online, as well as our other cordless and corded tools, combo kits, and more! Shop today and steal great deals on our bonus offers and current redemptions.