Masonry Drill Bits

At Total Tools, we carry high-quality and durable masonry drill bits in individuals and sets from top-rated brands such as TTI, Gearwrench, Sutton, and many others. From SDS 4.6mm - 10mm masonry drill bits to TCT 12mm masonry drill bit sets, we have everything you need to get the job done. Our fast-acting rebar demon drill bits are designed to provide more aggressive drilling in a shorter amount of time, while remaining comfortable and easy to use. By reducing the vibration, they help reduce wear on your bit and increase its longevity. Plus, our masonry drill bits are made from the strongest materials and feature a tungsten carbide tip for maximum cut-through power.

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What are masonry drill bits?

Masonry drill bits or sometimes called as stone drills, are a type of drill used for making holes in material such as brick and stone. These drill bits use the same basic principle as any hand-held power tool – a carbide tipped bit is used to remove the excess material and then a diamond tipped bit is used to finish the hole.

What type of applications these masonry drill bits are used?

Masonry drill bits are most used in hammer drills and drilling machines to break through concrete, brick, stone, and masonry. These bits also make drilling easier on wood, plastic, fibreglass, and metals because they help even out the performance of your drill's chuck compared to its standard teeth. You can use these masonry drill bits to safely get the job done.

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