Wire Brushes

Are you looking for the best brush for your machine? Total Tools offers the best brands of wire brushes, drill brushes, kits, and accessories to suit your specific needs.

We carry a selection from manufacturers such as Bahco, Ironair, Detroit, Norton, Makita, and more. Our wire, bevel, cup, and wheel brushes all fit in your drill chuck and are the perfect accessory for removing rust, paint, scale, and other surface contaminants. With our high-quality hand wire brushes, end brushes, bench grinder wheel brushes, and tube brushes and accessories, you have everything you need to maintain your power equipment.

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Drill Brushes

Our drill brushes and wire brushes are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring your next grinding, drilling, or wire removal job is a success. We offer hand-held, mounted wheel, and mounted cup brushes of varying sizes and styles, made of stainless steel or ceramic materials that are ideal for cleaning carbon steel wires up to 1/8" W x 3" L. For tiny wire bundles or fine gauge finishing work on smaller applications, Detroit offers specially designed brush attachments that may be used with your rotary tool or cordless power drill.

Our selection also includes power tools accessories such as wire brush kits for those needing to remove rust, slag, and other contaminants from metal. Scroll to see all our products or click on the shop button above to browse through all of them. We have a variety of options that are great for cleaning rusted surfaces or removing debris from around your home!