BOSCH 125mm Mixed-Grit 8-Hole Hook & Loop Sanding Disc for Wood & Paint - C470 - 6 Piece

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BOSCH® C470 BEST for WOOD and PAINT Sanding Discs have an exceptional material removal rate. The product has a calcium stearate coating that reduces clogging. Furthermore, its electrostatic open-coated surface with space between grits ensures even, controlled, consistent dust removal. This is designed to be used when sanding wood and paint, such as coatings like varnish, roughcast, filler and synthetics and solid materials such as polymers (Corian, Varicor).

C470 BEST for WOOD and PAINT Sanding Discs are made from a C-/B-paper, coated with tough semi-friable aluminium oxide for consistent quality. Quick changes and easy handling are possible thanks to hook-and-loop-backed fastening system.

C470 BEST for WOOD and PAINT Sanding Discs are proudly Made in Switzerland.


      • Calcium Stearate Coating - Reduces clogging for the benefit of removal rate
      • Electrostatic Open-Coated Surface - Ensures even, controlled, consistent dust removal


      • Disc Diameter: 125 mm (5”)
      • Hole Configuration: 8-Hole
      • Abrasive Grit: 60G/120G/240G
      • Abrasive Type: Aluminium Oxide
      • Connection: Hook & Loop - Velcro (style)


      • C470 BEST for WOOD and PAINT Sanding Discs
          • 125 mm 60-Grit (x2)
          • 125 mm 120-Grit (x2)
          • 125 mm 240-Grit (x2)
Brand Bosch
Part No 2608605084
Barcode 3165140159012


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