BOSCH 92mm T-Shank Jigsaw Blade for Metal T118AF - 5 Piece

MPN 2608636976
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The T 118 AF Flexible for Metal Jigsaw Blade is breakproof when making straight cuts in metal. Its milled, wavy-set teeth are designed for cutting sheet metal. Made from BIM (bi-metal), the blade's fully hardened HSS (high-speed steel) tooth strip is bonded with its highly elastic HCS (high carbon steel) body, which reduces the risk of breakage and provides both sufficient hardness and the required flexibility to cut perforated sheet metal made of standard-strength steel. It is equipped with a very fine progressive tooth pitch (1.1-1.5 mm) and cuts a variety of thin metal sheets with 1-3 mm thickness. For use with jigsaws with T-Shank clamping systems.

  • Milled, wavy-set teeth designed for cutting sheet metal
  • Bi-metal, fully hardened high-speed steel tooth strip and highly elastic carbon steel body reduce risk of breakage
  • Very fine progressive tooth pitch (1.1-1.5 mm) cuts a variety of thin metal sheets with 1-3 mm thickness
Brand Bosch
Part No 2608636976
Barcode 3165140979634


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