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Plasma Cutters

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  1. Cigweld Cutskill 45 Plasma Cutter 1160140
    Cigweld Cutskill 45 Plasma Cutter 1160140
    SKU# ..125641

    CIGWELD has now officially changed plasma cutting forever, with the launch of the new range of CutSkill Manual Plasma machines. Over two years in development, the new CutSkill 35 and CutSkill 45 machines from CIGWELD feature a user interface that not only incorporates the latest in colour LCD technology, but also simplifies the entire cutting set up process. With a single control knob, the operator can select each function necessary to suit their desired needs. Decide if you want your torch set to manual or latch mode, whether you’re cutting flat plate or grid plate, adjust your current and you’re ready to cut! All of these actions are clearly displayed on the massive 2.8” colour LCD display.


    2.8” LCD screen displays all cutting setting, input voltage and input air pressure • Ease of use for the user • All key information at a glance • Taking plasma cutting to a whole new level • Single Control Knob adjusts all cutting settings


    Moisture in your air compressor can reduce the lifespan of the Plasma Torch consumables. The CutSkill inbuilt air filter removes this problem. The air filter can be purged at any time by using the purging valve and is also removable for cleaning. It is housed in a concave inset in order to prevent damage.

    Internal Regulator

    The regulator is internal and air through the torch is managed automatically by the plasma unit. This removes the need to adjust air pressure for individual cutting requirements.


    Both Plasma CutSkill machines come complete with a detachable 60 amp torch with 5 meter lead designed specifically for the CutSkill plasma cutting range. The torch includes a safety latch in order to prevent risk of accidental arc.


    Each of the high quality consumables is suitable for either the CutSkill 35 or CutSkill 45, with the exception of the cutting tip, where a specific tip is designed for the 35A and 45A version.


    Inline Air Filter

    The inline Air Filter is designed to prevent all moisture, plus oil and dirt down to 0.85 microns from passing through your air line to the plasma unit. This offers extra protection in addition to the inbuilt air filter located in the plasma unit itself.

    Circle Cutting Guide

    The Circle Cutting Guide allows for circle cutting up to a radius of 400mm. The cutting guide can be affixed to the work plate by either of the included Straight, Magnetic or Screw Pivots.

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